Kamis, 18 April 2013

Chemical Water Treatment

Cheria has been successfully been servicing and treating water for over 5 years. Our client base boasts including heavy industrial plants, manufacturing facilities and major commercial operations, from shopping centres, prominent building complexes, health care facilities and educational premises. Our aim is to derive maximum benefit from unparall
eled service, costs and plant performance.

Cheria Water operates its own Chemical manufacturing facilities and produces a diverse and broad range of water treatment chemicals including:

Boiler Water Chemicals
Cooling Water Inhibitors
Biocides/ Algeacides
Closed loop Chemicals
Cleaning & Sanitisers
Seawater treatments
A key component of the chemical division is our comprehensive service delivery and technical expertise.

We also have a team of chemical specialists working in research and development to formulate more effective chemical products. If you have a special need that requires custom formulations – please talk to us.

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Welcome to Cheria Water Treatment Solutions

Cheria Water Treatment Solutions provides services and solutions for all aspects of water, from traditional chemical treatment through to waste water and reuse, packaged membrane filtration plants, as well as the production of specialised cleaning chemicals.

As a national business, Cheria Water is well positioned to meet the growing needs of our customers and prospective clients.

Cheria provides traditional cooling and heating water treatment services and products. we can provide tailored solutions from beginning to end.

Cheria Water continues to be at the forefront of innovation, both in the development of new services and practices, as well as the creation of new water treatment products to serve the industrial and commercial sectors. Integra is now arguably ‘the most diverse water treatment company in Indonesia’.

Due to the growth of cheria in recent years, our field of expertise has expanded too, bringing a wealth of knowledge and skills within additional fields; such as Pre-treatment and Desalination, Waste Water and Re-use and Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions.

Our specialised teams are bringing the latest technology and processes such as;

ReverseOsmosis - Desalination - Membrane Bio-reactors - Seawater Fouling Treatment - Twin Oxide Sanitisation - Web-based Dosing and Control

Cheria also produces an extensive range of industrial and commercial grade chemicals, including degreasers, sanitisers, cleaners and detergents.

Our broad spectrum of knowledge and skills allow us to take a holistic approach to managing water and hygiene within your business.